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Jani freaks when her parents tell her they are moving to the country, away from the home she loves, the friends she’s had since kindergarten, and all the horses at the riding stable. Her only consolation is that she can bring Keeta, her beautiful pinto mare, with her. But adventures await. While cleaning out the barn on their new property, Jani sees a swirl of movement beside the black, twisted stone in the corner. The barn is haunted! With the help of a new friend, Jani sets out to solve the mystery behind the wild, angry spirit and set it free.

2 reviews for Freedom

  1. Mark Kelso

    I loved this book. I am a horse lover and this book really pulled me in. I like the authors writing style. I think I will try more books by this author.

  2. Mia Harper

    This was an enjoyable, well written book with engaging characters that will hold your attention, and a great ghost story that will thrill the kids – a perfect camp fire story! Jenny and Penny’s tale is incredibly touching, and does have happy ending, I would definately recomend this book,

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