Empyrean Witch: Demigoddess Chronicles Book 1

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I always thought the gods were a myth. Then again, I thought the same thing about witches.

I’m no stranger to darkness. I’ve been dealing with it all my life. That’s just part of being a “mutant psychic.” I see things and know things that I’d be better off not seeing or knowing. But when my witch powers start to manifest, my life takes on a new direction entirely. Suddenly, I’m recruited by the Shadow Order, a supernatural agency dedicated to the protection of the covens. My primary task? To read supernatural crime scenes. Trust me, at that point the word “dark” takes on a whole new meaning.

When one of those crime scenes opens a door between me and three goddesses hunting for a talisman, I seriously start to reconsider my life choices. Especially when those same goddesses start hunting for me. And when I meet an irresistibly alluring stranger who seems to know me better than I do, I really have to wonder. Because if what he tells me is true, I too carry the blood of the gods in my veins, and only I can unlock the magic needed to save the human race.

**Book one in a spinoff series, includes characters from the Fae Witch Chronicles 

4 reviews for Empyrean Witch: Demigoddess Chronicles Book 1

  1. Mia Harper

    A new series from J.S. Malcolm, following on from the Fae Witch series, I’d recommend reading that series first to fully appreciate the characters and world they are set in. I found the book a little difficult to follow as I’d not read the Fae Witch series, but still I found the book riveting and was soon fully absorbed in the story and couldn’t put it down. It’s definitely a series I would follow I’m looking forward to the next book.

  2. Kay Spriggs

    I received this book free for an honest review.

    Julia never believed in witches and thought gods were a myth then her witch powers manifest and she has to deal with it all being true.
    She is recruited by the shadow order a supernatural agency tasked with protecting covens her job is to read supernatural crime scenes. At one of the crime scenes a door opens revealing 3 goddesses searching for a talisman when they start to hunt Julia she is saved by a stranger who tells her she is a Demi god and I have to unlock my magic to protect the human race. The story was really good and the characters were believable and interacted well together , there’s quite a few scenarios where I laughed out loud. I really enjoyed the dual narration Angel Clark and Travis Baldree really made listening more enjoyable and I can’t wait for book 2 .

  3. Amanda Urbinato

    This audiobook was amazing! It was so exciting from the very beginning to the very end. I love how it kind of blended so many different aspects of fantasy into one world. And the world that J.S Malcom created is so different from others that I’ve read. And I alway appreciate different and originality in my fantasy. The only little problem I had was that I felt like I was missing something the whole time. Like I missed the first book in the series, even though this book says one. I think what happened was there may have been other books in a different series. And this one is a spin off, kinda, maybe. But still, the author still did an amazing job of explaining things so that I never felt lost. And the narrators als did an amazing job. This book was fantastic and I hope I can find more!

  4. Tera Comer

    This book is a little hard to follow if you haven’t read the previous series which I have not, so things were confusing at times because the story often referred to things that had happened in other series. While the storyline, characters and world building are great I believe that giving the reader/listener a heads up that this story is a continuation of another story would make it easier for the storyline to be followed.
    The narrator did a great job

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