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Running from the law won’t stop me from protecting my mate.

Serena is my bonded spirit. The first time I saw Serena I was mesmerized by the water nymph playing naked in the stream. I knew immediately that she was mine.

As a human, she’s not aware of my lion. I make plans to share my secret and propose. Taking her to my favorite spot in the hills for a special date.

But before I can claim her as my own, my father is murdered, and I become the prime suspect.

They have issued a warrant for my arrest. My brothers convinced me to hide in the wilderness while they work to find the killer.

Now I am on the run, and my mate is alone.

I will prove my innocence and claim my mate.

Who killed Cyrus?

Fearless is a steamy, fast-paced fated mate paranormal romance and the third book in the Ghost Cat Canyon series. Although the mystery of Cyrus’ murder is continued in the following books, this is a complete story with an HEA. The only remaining question is who killed Cyrus?

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  1. Vicki

    The Ghost Cat Canyon series just keeps getting even better. It is so good. There are lots of players and, at this point, I cannot tell who all the bad guys are. When Clay told/showed Serena his secret, she ran. Unfortunately, had she stayed after his confession, she would have been his alibi. He surprised me at the end of the book by what he did to save Serena. Kennedy is a kick @ss lawyer fighting to save Clay. I hope the horrible sheriff gets his in the end. I am looking forward to the last book in the series to find out who killed Cyrus. Ms. James is an awesome author. Xander Marceaux did a great job with the narration

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