Echo Canyon Brides Box Set – Books 4-6

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Book 4: Montana Luck

Lucky Quinn and Leah Carter’s budding romance is threatened by unforeseen events. Will good fortune keep smiling on them or will their luck run out, destroying their dreams?

Book 5: Montana Fire

When famous bounty hunter, Thad McIntyre, and lonely widow, Jessie Alderman, meet, a fiery romance flares between them, but terrible events threaten their happiness. A mysterious stranger also arrives in Echo Canyon. Is he friend or foe?

Book 6: Montana Hearts

Cheyenne brave, Wild Wind, discovers that Roxie Ryder has been harboring feelings for him for a long time. Amid danger and mystery, their love grows, but can they survive outside influences that threaten to drive a wedge between them?

2 reviews for Echo Canyon Brides Box Set – Books 4-6

  1. Lori Dykes

    I loved this set! I think book 4 with Lucky was one of my favorites! He was so funny and kindhearted but could be fierce when needed. But book 5 was my favorite. Thad is a bounty hunter, older and takes on several kids and gets married to a mail order bride. I loved his tough exterior when dealing with criminals and his horse Killer was amazing! sit back and enjoy for hrs of great listening.

  2. Rosemary HUGHES

    Again, the enhanced narrator’s vocalizations of the various characters make this series a very enjoyable experience.

    Book 4 Montana Luck

    The good folks of Echo Valley rejoice in new acquaintances, newly weds and new born babies.
    Our Irish rogue feels the need for a woman’s help in raising his son, and places an advertisement for his own mail order bride.
    Our brothers from the dark side both seem to have had a change in heart, it might be the young ladies that have captured their hearts.
    Yes, like any other town, there is the baser side of human existence, but the good folks try to help those affected by other careless and callous ways.

    Book 5 Montana Fire

    When Thad, Echo’s resident bounty hunter, ended up with three adopted kids, he knew he needed a woman to take the rough edges off. So, yes, he resorted to a mail order bride.
    This episode is, as all the others, not just a couple, but the whole of the inhabitants of Echo.
    A very relatable episode.

    Book 6 Montana Hearts

    Wild Wind hadn’t wanted thought of a bride for himself, until he had established himself. Then he tried to follow up on his attraction for the new female preacher, but the difference in religious beliefs put a barrier between them.
    Then Roxie came out and made her interest clear.
    However, the township had a couple of other problems, and the drama, although hectic at times, showed what bigotry and racial prejudices could cause so much strife.

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