Digging Up Trouble

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Digging Up Trouble is the charming second installment in a series of witty cozy mysteries. If you like puzzling whodunits, eccentric characters, and countless laugh-out-loud moments, then you’ll love Rickie Blair’s Leafy Hollow series.

6 reviews for Digging Up Trouble

  1. Julie Howard

    I loved this book and listened to it all in one day (with doors locked so I didn’t get interrupted). This is such a fun series I am recommending it to my mum. What I love is the characters and the antics that they get up to, very funny. The mystery was good and even though I had worked out who the killer was it was still highly entertaining to be proved right. The story has the right amount of humour, mystery, high Tec gadgets and even a love interest to keep you hooked. I would recommend you start with book one because the stories do have an ending but they also have the mystery of her missing aunt that you learn a little bit more about in each book. Trust me you will In enjoy it, I certainly did and am eagerly waiting the rest of the series being released on audible.
    When a professor claims to have proof that debunks the history surrounding a local legend of Leafy hollow, tempers in the village run high. But high enough to kill him? It seems so because his dead body is found the very next day that he gave all the villagers a reason to hate him. Verity finds with everybody under suspicion many of the villagers turn to her for help in clearing there name because she solved the last murder to take place in the village. Was it the film director who got the sack? The artist that knows him better than anyone else? The historical society that would gain money with his death? When the police seem to focus there attention on someone everybody is shocked and Verity and her sidekicks jump straight into the case to prove them wrong.
    I liked the narrator, she uses a wide range of voices for the characters and even does a lisp for one of them adding to the fun of an entertaining story.

  2. Rosemary HUGHES

    Another murder, another couple of suspects that need assistance.
    Although Verity’s assistance sometimes could be hazardous to her health.
    A good tale, well presented by the narrator. This is turning out to be a good series.

  3. Catrina P

    Welcome back to Leafy Hollow… with quirky characters, lots of skeletons in the closets, and mysteries to keep you guessing.

    Verity’s aunt is still missing, but Verity is convinced she’s still alive. If only she could get back to investigating… but there’s a couple of other cases that need her more immediate attention before she becomes a victim herself.

    Rickie Blair does a great job of keeping the story fun while still keeping you guessing, and Petrea Burchard keeps the energy level up there while delivering a great performance. I’m really looking forward to the next book in this fun series!

    I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and I have voluntarily left this review.

  4. Somanea Khoeurn

    This is a fun and intriguing series to read. Ricki Blair is excellent so far keeping up with the series. Petrea Burchard narration of the books is awesome. I enjoyed reading this second book very much. There were certain parts that made me laugh out loud. Verity and her two buddies are very
    entertaining trying to solve the case. For sure, these three characters are my favorite so far in the series. Hopefully
    in the next book, more information will reveal about her missing aunt.

  5. Tom Casey

    A very entertaining, easy to read novel, wonderful characters, I love the way the story continues in each book, full of twists and turns.
    This reveiw is based on a free audiobook from audiobooks unleashed and I wanted to. give an honest reveiw.


    DIGGING UP TROUBLE IS THE SECOND IN THE LEAFY HOLLOW MYSTERIES BY RICKIE BLAIR. This is the first of the series I have listened to and feel Ok is just about as good as it got. The narration was good as the narrator made the characters come out as individuals but the plot left a little to be desired.

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