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Mindfulness Meditations for Beginners: 18 Relaxing Sleep Stories for Calming, Stress and Anxiety Relief, Having a Quiet Mind, Healing + Breathing Techniques & Guided Imagery for Self Love Hypnosis “I have been under some incredible stress of late and not sleeping well. I came across BEDTIME STORIES FOR ADULTS BY LUCY HOLDEN in audiobook form. I started listening to it and made it as far as halfway thru chapter one when I fell asleep in the chair! Listening to the audiobook and really concentration on what the author is saying helps relax . Instead of sleeping pills,try BEDTIME FOR ADULTS BY LUCY HOLDEN first. I recieved this audiobook free in exchange for an honest review.”
The Second Sign “From a fishing trip on a rented yacht to a madman bent on getting a ancient relic , Sean Wyatt is back in action . This time Sean must find this ancient relic or a religious mental case will murder again and again. THE SECOND SIGN BY ERNEST DEMPSEY is the nineteenth in this series but its the first I've ever read. I really enjoyed the plot and and action but the narration left a lot to be desired.”
A Murder Amongst Angels “A MURDER AMONGST ANGELS BY TONY PIAZZA is the first in this series that I have listened to. It is listed as second in the TOM LOGAN series. I really enjoyed listening to the narration of the audiobook. James Romick brings the hard boiled detective Tom Logan to life as well as all the other characters. A MURDER AMONGST ANGELS is set in the 1930's . The Great Depression is on the downslide and inflation is on the rise: bread and milk are 9 and 16 cents and Tom Logan is looking at the dead body of his client ,the blond bombshell (bottled blond bombshell) Gertrude Hurd and his morning and day is ruined. Tom vows to find the murderer ,which he finds is difficult. Seems Gertrude is not exactly loved by all , she drinks to access,hates her ex's is suing the studio she works for and does drugs,which makes Tom's job even harder. I loved this book and cant wait to hear all the rest in the series. The audio book is 10 hours long which could have been shaved down to at least eight by trimming out some of the last two chapters. The last two chapters were in this listeners humble opinion way to long and in places totally irreverent. Other than that, this book is a great listen , a good mystery and a fun hard boiled detective read.”
Digging Up Trouble “DIGGING UP TROUBLE IS THE SECOND IN THE LEAFY HOLLOW MYSTERIES BY RICKIE BLAIR. This is the first of the series I have listened to and feel Ok is just about as good as it got. The narration was good as the narrator made the characters come out as individuals but the plot left a little to be desired.”
Angel’s Flight “What is worse than having a overbearing,over dominating mother? Having an overbearing/over dominating mother show up at the door of your home unannounced and telling you she has left her husband! That is Mercy Allcutt's first problem in her second book titled ANGELS FLIGHT by Alice Duncan. In Mercy's latest book,Mercy not only has to deal with murders, yes murders plural, but worse of all her overbearing mother shows up , luggage in hand and turns Mercey and her sisters life upside down. If you like laugh out loud historical murder mysteries then this series is perfect for you. With great plot line and a narration that is just short of perfection you cant loose”
Sorrow’s Crown “SORROW'S CROWN BY TOM PICCIRILLI is the second in the Felicity Grove mysteries. Jonathan Kendricks is back in Felicity Grove,not only visiting his grandmother Anna but his girlfriend, Kate who is pregnant with Jonathan's child. Unfortunately that is again secondary to what Jonathan is concerned about. Another murder crops up,this time , a wealthy power hungry mans son. Jonathan gets involved with the murder because his friend "the Crummler" is arrested. SORROW'S CROWN has surpassed the work of the first mystery in the series. The narration is much better,and the characters continue to develop .”
Lost Among the Angels “LOST AMONG THE ANGELS BY ALICE DUNCAN introduces the readers to Mercy Allcutt. Mercy's family is of "OLD MONEY BOSTON" and Mercy wants to live the life of an independent woman of the 1920s,so she moves to California and is living with her sister who is married to "NEW MONEY" Mercy lands a job as the secretary of not so famous PI, Ernie Templeton. While Mercy has zero clue on being a secretary,let alone being a PI she gets tangled up in a kidnapping, the mob as well as murder all in one fell swoop! I found this cozy mystery and start of what I hope is a comical series quite entertaining and fun to listen to. Her bumbling and stumbling into and out of trouble makes LOST AMONG THE ANGELS BY ALICE DUNCAN well worth the listen. Darlene Allen,the narrator makes the story flow well and kept me interested right to the very end.”
The Dead Past – A Felicity Grove Mystery (The Felicity Grove Mysteries) “JONATHAN KENDRICK, mild mannered bookstore owner that is until his grandmother Anna calls him back home to help her solve a murder. As the bodies keep piling up, Jonathan keeps searching for the murderer Tom Piccirili,s THE DEAD PAST from page one right to the end of the book gives us a well structured mystery with characters right out of your home town.The plot kept me guessing right up to the moment when Jonathan confronts the killer. As for narration , I was not as impressed. At the start of the book it seems like the narrator was slow and not very distinct in his narration,but as it went on he did much better.”