Descendants of Humanity


A new race rules Earth, and they are brutal.

More beautiful than we ever were, they are like gods. Strong. Fierce. Savage. How can a lone young woman survive against the brutality? Can humanity survive? 

Shanice is one of the few humans left. But for how long? The arena rings with screams for her death. Soon the gates will open, and she’ll face a man who must kill her or be killed. He wields the advantage, with weapons to hurl, while she will have only her inner passion to keep her alive through the next few minutes.

Shanice is trapped in a horror world ruled by a “more perfect” race, and has no idea how the world got like this. Survival is her only focus. If only she knew that in that screaming throng around her is one man who wants to see her live. He just may hold the key to rocking the world to the core and giving humanity the chance to find a way back. 

If an advanced race was created by humankind, would they care for their creators? 

This post-apocalyptic thriller is set in a future which is alarmingly near.


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