The Seacroft

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Falling for the wrong guy can be hazardous to your heart.

Vivian Wood is desperate. After her beloved brother dies of a sudden aneurysm and her mother develops Alzheimer’s, she needs a good job and a place to stay. She finds it at The Seacroft, a Cape Cod seaside mansion ruled by a mysterious and demanding woman looking for a personal assistant.

Vivian soon discovers that being broke and having to deal with her cranky new boss are not her only problems. The gardener at The Seacroft, Cody McGraw, is young, gorgeous, and the bane of her existence-until she starts falling for him.

But Vivian isn’t the only one captivated by Cody’s charms. Their sultry employer quickly takes an interest in him-and the developing relationship between Cody and Vivian is threatened by the loss of their jobs and more, should they upset The Seacroft’s exotic mistress.

Set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Cape, The Seacroft is a steamy story of difficult choices, heart-wrenching sacrifice, and the ultimate salvation of love. 


1 review for The Seacroft

  1. Coolestmommy R

    This book stands alone from book one, but I enjoyed listening since I had listened to book one previously. Vivian Wood has issues and it seems that her new job is the answer to everything. Even though her boss can be overly demanding and somewhat of a jerk, but her co-worker Cody is a kind and friendly face. As Cody and Vivian get closer, their boss tries to drive a wedge between them. And when nature makes a stand, all of them will find what they are truly made of.

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