Defending Innocence : A Legal Thriller filled with Gripping Courtroom Drama (Small Town Lawyer Book 1)

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An innocent client harbors dark secrets….

Defense Attorney Leland Monroe lost it all: his big-city job, his reputation, and, worst of all, his loving wife. Now he’s back in his hometown to hit restart and repair the relationship with his troubled son. But the past is always present in a small town.

Leland returns to find his high school sweetheart hasn’t had the easiest of lives – especially now that her son faces a death sentence for murdering his father. Yet what appears to be an open-and-shut case is anything but. As Leland digs deeper to uncover a truth even his client is determined to keep buried, a tangled web of corruption weaves its way throughout his once tranquil hometown.

Leland soon realizes it’s not just his innocent young client’s life that’s at stake – powerful forces surface to threaten the precious few loved ones he has left.

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1 review for Defending Innocence : A Legal Thriller filled with Gripping Courtroom Drama (Small Town Lawyer Book 1)

  1. Gigi

    An edge of your seat legal thriller!

    Filled with twists, turns, nail biting suspense, heart stopping action, and realistically imperfect, beautifully developed characters, Defending Innocence is a dynamically written legal thriller that kept me up all night! Sleep was out of the question until I had ALL the answers! Sure, I had my guesses, I added up the clues, I made notes like a good armchair detective, and curses, I was foiled again and again! The plot, THIS plot is delightfully intricate and complex, but so throughly and creatively explained that not only was I completely engaged, I was able to stay immersed in the moment without being bored or confused! The writing is THAT good! The characters are realistically human and continually evolving through the entire course of the story! There were a few instantly fell for, a couple I absolutely loathed, some that had me on the fence till nearly the end, and a few I completely changed my opinion on as the story played out! No spoilers! Sorting out “who’s who” is half the fun of listening to this fantastically and convincingly narrated legal thriller! And fun is exactly what I had! I loved every single heart stopping moment!

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