Death in the Congo


Dan Stone has a new assignment. In Africa. He’s to cripple the Chinese incursions into the continent. The only problem is he might trigger World War III.

This high-stakes thriller, set in the wild world of the DRC, pits Dan Stone against a complex array of forces, all vying for power and influence.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo, DRC, holds some of the largest coltan deposits in the world. It is the source of two rare Earth metals, niobium and tantalum, vital to modern economies. Now the Chinese are trying to corner the market and hold the western world hostage.

Dan Stone has experienced many dangerous missions as a CIA assassin, but this one may be his most difficult. He has to navigate a strange country in a strange continent where he stands out among the people. His assignment: take down a Chinese general and get out alive…without getting caught.


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