A Shade for Every Season

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Explore the confines of your imagination with this new collection from Chad A. Clark.

A Shade for Every Season consists of over 70 tales, reaching into the horror and science fiction genres and beyond. The stories may be short, but the impact is not. Take a stroll through the dark and the macabre. Hear of revenge, snatched back from beyond the grave, and monsters that will thrill and scare you. Travel into the furthest reaches and isolation of outer space.

See what lies down inside the darkness, where sometimes doors are best left unopened. Experience the thrill of the narrative – in the time it takes to finish your morning coffee.

1 review for A Shade for Every Season

  1. Norma Miles

    “What you were is gone for ever.”
    A Shade For Every Season is a book of short stories, very short stories. But there are a lot of them: 73, in total. At least, that is if the five chapters entitled ‘Inside’ to ‘Inside 5’ are counted seperately. If taken as one story, the total is 69. With the exception of the title tale (çhapter 30), which is just 8 seconds over, all are under ten minutes in duration. In fact, only 17 are longer than five minutes – so perfect for a quick coffee break listen.
    The book is divided into four generally themed sections:
    Ch.2 Part one, Opening salvo
    Ch.26 Part two, Beginning to feel a lot like
    Ch.31. Part three, Because sometimes the Monsters win
    Ch.57 Part four, Down the Last Road
    And each of these is subdivided into the individual title headings. All have a dark side and a few felt as if they were ideas to be developed into much longer pieces. Many were very atmospheric, a few were predictable, and sometimes there was one which had a twist that this reader didn’t see coming.

    Narration was by J.Stephen who performed well, reading with clarity and good modulation. His slightly downbeat inflection at the endings of the sentences could have been annoying but in this context for well. He individually voiced the characters, too, on the rare occasions of conversation. Overall, his was a performance which enhances the enjoyment of the book.

    My thanks to the rights holder of A Shade For Every Season, who, at my request freely gifted me with a complimentary copy of the book via Audiobook Unleashed. Creepy, horror shorts are not usually my favoured genre but these were enjoyable, even sometimes thought provoking. Although it would have been good to have included one of two longer pieces, this is certainly an easy read for someone with a busy schedule: there’s always time to slip in a two minute tale!

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