Cutting Your Teeth

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Ezra Santos is tired of running. Of burning bridge after bridge and going through new names like used matches. He desperately wants something he was never destined to have—a future all his own.

Having escaped his hell of a home two years ago, he can’t go a day without looking over his shoulder. Putting down roots was never in the cards when the family that raised Ezra relentlessly hunts him across the country. Right as he’s about to restart the cycle—new name, new life, the whole nine yards—his plans come to a screeching halt when he crosses paths with a mysterious and charismatic vampire, Killian Hale. 

He promises a way out from a life on the run. Ezra knows there’s no helping a man with the devil on his heels—but there’s something about Killian that makes him believe he could finally break free of the Espinas once and for all. It’s only a matter of time before the clock winds down and the rest of Ezra’s troubles come home to roost. There’s something sinister in his blood—a dark fate passed down through generations. Can the two survive an ancient family curse, or will Ezra doom them both?

1 review for Cutting Your Teeth

  1. Karen Martin

    I found this was quite a good story but it seem a
    little slow at times.
    I think a young adult male or female would enjoy it.
    Just the right balance of drama and mystery and the touch
    of romance.
    The narrator did a reasonable job of bringing the book alive.
    I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this audiobook.

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