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Deep is the debut novel by Aquino Loayza, an intersection of New England folklore and surrealist Lynchian imagery woven together through the backdrop of rural Maine. Weather The Storm.

There are places on earth that carry an air of the ethereal—an aura of malevolence that can only be felt in the breathless whisper of a passing breeze. One of these places is found along the rugged mystical coastline of Maine’s northern shores—Juneberg. Since its inception the morbid mishaps of the city were carried on the murmurs of sailors and visitors who have seen the peculiarities up close. From people vanishing in the dead of night, as though they had been carried out to sea. To hushed utterances in the darkest corners of taverns about a nefarious Cult scheming in the underbelly of the city’s ancient tunnels.

Giovanni Divale is one such person, becoming obsessed with the town from a young age. Fate has brought him to its boundaries before, but this time the city may not be so keen on letting him leave. Will he discover the truth buried in the desolate decrepit city? Or will he become lapped up in the whirlpool of eldritch madness?


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