Claim Me, Love Me

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The only way to fall in love is to take the first step.

For Caleb, that first step leads to fear, violence, and the death of the only boy he’s ever loved. He won’t—can’t—admit who he is to himself. How could he ever share his deepest secrets with someone else?

Josaiah has known he was gay since he was seven. He’s experienced in more ways than one—with sex, with other men, and as a dominant. But love is something he can’t accept or give, and he’s walled himself off from any kind of affection.

Can Caleb confront his ghosts and learn to love himself and his new dom? Will Josaiah remember how to love and be loved in turn? As Caleb and Josaiah take the first few steps toward each other, their pasts threaten to overwhelm their future.


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