Christian’s Promise

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Christian Reynolds is never one to shirk his duty – from helping Sheriff Archer in the middle of a saloon brawl to keeping a promise to a friend.

The last thing Christian expects is to find himself promising to take care of someone else’s Mail Order Bride. When his friend Matt Brown lies dying, Christian promises to watch over Matt’s newly arriving bride. But when Christian meets Faye Dunell from Boston, he fears what his promise might mean.

Faye is the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen, and she’s smart and kind, to boot. But Christian is plagued by feelings of guilt, as though he’s somehow stolen Matt’s happiness for his own. And Faye brings her own emotional baggage to Crooked Creek…

But unexpected love won’t be denied, and promises must be kept. Christian and Faye have a choice: go their separate ways or figure out a future together.

1 review for Christian’s Promise

  1. Misty

    I listened to this one on audio. I really liked this book. It was well written and I loved the characters.

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