The Handsome Rancher on The Train

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When Hanna Wagner overhears her widowed stepmother planning to sell her in marriage, she has no choice but to escape Boston. She writes a rancher in Rough Creek, Missouri, as a Mail Order Bride, and believes she has found both her escape and her ideal husband in Trent Flannigan.

Billy Morgan receives a letter from his mother begging him to return to the family ranch in Rough Creek. His father has died a mysterious death. After living for five years in Boston, Billy boards a train bound for his hometown.

On the train, Billy and Hanna meet each other and grow close. But Hanna is honor bound to marry Trent Flannigan. The train is robbed, and Billy is shot and wounded while saving Hanna’s life.

Torn between two men, Hanna must face her life in Missouri with new-found courage. In walking away from Billy—the man she could love forever—she faces the greatest challenge in her young life.

As Hanna walks toward marriage with another man, Billy must fight for the woman he loves and for the land that is in his blood.

3 reviews for The Handsome Rancher on The Train

  1. Misty

    I listened to this one on audio. This book was a clean book and was easy to listen to. The characters were good and I liked the story. In the middle of this book I thought, man, I should have read the others in the series first, but, too late then. I felt like I was missing something small, but it didn’t deter me from the story.

  2. Danny Harr

    This is my favorite book so far by Susannah Calloway. Hanna travels west to marry a man. On the train she meets Billy. There is an instant attraction. Hanna feels obligated to marry the man she promised. Then she meets him. The rest is full of action and excitement. A must read or listen to book. If you like this genre you will love this. Kasey Logan did an excellent job narrating this book. I received a copy of this book from audiobooks unleashed but that has no influence on my review.

  3. Benita Dilley

    Hannah flees evil step mother’s attempts to arrange a marriage to seek her own mail order nuptials with a man in Missouri, but meets Billy, a rancher, on the train. Clean, fun, romance. 2 hours.

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