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The Bridgefinders have won a battle they never expected to walk away from. The Slyph has been pushed back, and now faces open rebellion from Grellnot. War is brewing on the Echo World, a war that has large implications for us. Within the Bridgefinders something rotten has taken hold, as one of their own starts down a dark path of jealousy, anger, and hate. When woman from a mysterious group known only as the Shrouded comes with a warning, her appearance proves to be a tipping point as the Bridgefinders face a new challenge, the evil within.

1 review for Bridgebreaker

  1. Jerry Harkey

    Cendan’s adventures continues with improved narration/editing in this second book. After a recap of Book 1, it jumps right back into the action. Major characters take some turns for the worse, and even get killed off. The perils between the worlds become more defined and a fairly satisfying ending brings this 2nd book to a close. It also sets up a 3rd book very nicely. I got my copy from Audiobooks Unleashed.

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