A City in Blue

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Danger, action, and magic come together to bring an epic conclusion to the Forgemaster cycle.

The unthinkable has happened. Everything that William Reis had worked so hard for, undone by one of his closest friends. Amder was gone, Duncan was gone, and even Regin was gone. Thrust into a strange city where magic and machinery come together in wonders undreamed of, Will soon finds himself once again doing the one thing he hates: being important.

Myriam is torn. She made a choice, and now finds her life in tatters because of it. Regin is dead, and William hates her. Betrayed, she ends up in the hands of those of a less than savory reputation, and must join them or die.

But evil lives in this city, an evil that Will and Myriam know well. The evil of those in love with power, and what they will do to keep it. But out there, beyond the walls that everyone things can never fall, something else stirs. The Unnamed God is coming and will never stop until he gets what he wants: the utter destruction of the City in Blue.

1 review for A City in Blue

  1. Julie Howard

    Oh wow. I did think that a nearly seventeen hour story, I would be wondering when is it going to end? But as I listened to the first two books in the series i couldn’t very well skip out on the end, even if the author did kill off a lot of my favourite characters in the last one. Not to say he didn’t kill off more characters but surprisingly no tissues were needed as there was no time to morn before the story was onto the next disaster or problem and I am Oh, so glad I got the book. Never once did I think the author was getting paid by the word. There is so much going on that it remained entertaining and mysterious all the way through. There is also a lot of betrayal and action to keep it moving along nicely, especially as you spend most of the time trying to work out who our two hero’s can trust. I do think you need to have read or listened to the previous two books to understand the complicated history and what has happened. I liked the characters and they are the reason I returned to the series, to find out what happened to them. A very good writer who knows how to entertain and well worth a listen to.
    With his friends and his god all gone William is left with Myriam the girl who betrayed him. No longer wishing to continue his friendship with her her forges ahead and carves out a new life for himself in a strange new city. But the new God Myriam failed to name isn’t finished with either of them and sets out on a deadly rampage of revenge. Everything in the Blue city isn’t as peaceful as it seems and Myriam learns first hand about the seeder side, when someone tries to kill her. Can the pair learn to trust each other again? Especially when everybody around them is keeping secrets. They will have too, with the un- named God battering the city walls they will have to use there new found magic, skills and friendship if they hope to survive.
    I liked the narrator. He was a good choice for this series, as he puts in an excellent performance that made the hours just fly bye like magic.
    I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request from audiobooksunleashed and have voluntarily left this review.

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