Breathe: Tangled Vines

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It should be easy when the Alpha of Otter Crest decides to claim his fated mate. The only problem is…she’s hunting him.

Ethan Storm had survived more dangerous missions than most men. It was only after he was mugged and his life hung in the balance that he was turned by one of his men.

Returning home, Ethan had hoped to be able to resume his relationship with the love of his life, Marissa Prentiss.

The only problem is that with the exception of her sister, Marissa’s family has become entrenched with those that hunt the wolf-shifters. When her sister is murdered, Marissa joins the Hunters and vows to end those of Ethan’s kind.

When new information regarding her sister’s death comes to light, can Marissa bring the real villains to justice and find her own happily ever after with the only man she ever loved?

2 reviews for Breathe: Tangled Vines

  1. Debra Anne Boulier

    Well-written, fast-paced and steamy book for sure. For me, Delta James never disappoints. JT Farrell’s narration makes it all the more better

  2. Vicki

    Marissa was a very strong woman and once she learns the truth about her father and the hunters, a group she was a member of, she sets out to destroy each one of them, including her father. This was for justice for her sister’s death. I hate what happened to Ethan in the beginning just before he was leaving his military service to return to Marissa. He stayed away from Marissa, who he loved. I was glad that years later, he goes in search of her and to protect her because the hunters knew it was her. As always, JT Farrell did an outstanding job with the narration.

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