Becoming Karen Carter

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Would she do anything to be successful?

Jessica Nichols wanted the one thing that eluded her – The distinction of becoming a best-selling author. The only thing standing in her way was a stack of rejection letters. Unable to get her foot in the door, she finds herself destined to spend her life working dead-end jobs. Desperate to make it, and rapidly running out of options, Jessica crosses a line she can never come back from.

1 review for Becoming Karen Carter

  1. Cindy Andrews

    I listened to One-Star Review and enjoyed it but then I realized there was a book 2 which is this one, Becoming Karen Carter. I actually liked this one better because it was Jessica’s side of the story and another piece to the puzzle of Karen Carter. It is entertaining and bizarre at the same time. Both Lana and Jessica are unhinged and willing to do whatever it takes to succeed. It’s a unique storyline with unlikable characters. Mary Hildebrandt did a good job bringing this story to life.

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