Anotech Chronicles Book 1: Reshner’s Royal Ranger

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Crowns often come with a price.

For Terosh, the Kireshana – or “renewing fire journey” – offers a chance to prove himself as a man, not just the spare prince. However, first, he must escape his father’s smothering presence.

For Reia, a Ranger sworn to protect royals, the task of keeping the prince safe turns complicated when the fool runs away from his private guards.

After an explosive meeting, the prince and the Ranger decide to travel together. Forces of nature and wild animals are expected dangers, but several predators come with political agendas. When Terosh’s attraction for his Ranger guardian becomes apparent, Reia becomes a pawn in a wider game.

Even access to the fabled god-machines might fail to save them from having to answer a single question: what is one life measured against the fate of a planet?


This is book 1 in a series. The rest of the series is published but not available on audio yet. They’re in the works, but will likely be late 2020 before they release.

1 review for Anotech Chronicles Book 1: Reshner’s Royal Ranger

  1. gerald douglas

    This is a really fun run through a blended worlds in a different manner than you’re used to with adventure and fantasy. This story sucked me in with its quick pace as the quest begins and highlights the palace intrigue. As we travel the road, we learn about tradition, love and hope with the fear of leadership.

    The narration is excellent to capture the feeling of the journey and the subtle aspects of each characters’ feelings and motivation.

    As you move through the work, you have to wonder what are you willing to give up for love, your land and life.

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