Alone in Darkness


Learn how it all began…before Rae Kerrigan.

The sins of the father are the sins of the son.

What did Rae’s father do that put fear in people’s eyes at the name Kerrigan?

Simon Kerrigan is standing at a crossroads. Torn between two paths.

The life of a Privy Council spy – complete with friends, white picket fences, and an undisclosed relationship with the girl he loves. Or another life. A life in untested waters, pushing the boundaries to see what lies beyond – no matter the cost.

While playing the role of a dutiful boyfriend and crazy-talented spy, Simon finds himself sinking ever deeper into the darkest part of his consciousness. What happens if you mix different kinds of tatùs? Why was it so wrong? What if he left the PCs? Who would stand by him? Who would join him in the inevitable fight? Could it be possible that such a little device could bring an entire county to its knees?

More importantly, who is this mysterious C?

In a twisted quest for knowledge and a growing obsession with the “ultimate power”, he crosses one line after another. Until, finally, he crosses so many, he has to ask himself the question….

Can he ever go back?



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