Fight the Darkness

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Learn how it all began…before Rae Kerrigan. 

The sins of the father are the sins of the son. 

What did Rae’s father do that put fear in people’s eyes at the name Kerrigan? 

It only takes a second for your entire life to change. 

Simon Kerrigan thought he had it all figured out. He has friends, a gorgeous girlfriend he’s in love with, and even a secret society to topple what he thought was a tyrannical regime. However, in the wake of a giant storm, Simon realizes his entire world has fallen down around him. 

With one friend on death’s door, and another hiding out in a secret flat in London, Simon finds himself torn between two worlds. Before he has a chance to figure out where he stands, the Privy Council beckons him. 

A girlfriend with a secret, an inner darkness building inside him, mistrust all around – Simon can no longer hide in the shadows. 

Can he find it in himself to join up with the enemy? Can he do what it takes to keep Beth safe? Who is the real enemy now? 

And more importantly…what do they want with Simon Kerrigan? 

The Chronicles of Kerrigan Prequel is the beginning of the story before Rae Kerrigan.

1 review for Fight the Darkness

  1. Joy Buffington

    I completely enjoyed the whole series, the narration is great the story line is so good you jump right in the story. This defiantly a keeper!

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