Abigale: The Carmichaels, Book 3

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Would you give up everything to be with the person you love?

Being away at school has crushed Abby’s adventurous spirit, and she’s been counting the days until the end of the semester. When her brother Tanner shows up with devastating news, she packs up her dorm to head home to the Starlight Ranch.

As she deals with a tragic loss, Abby reconnects with Skyler Fremont and discovers he’s engaged to the daughter of a wealthy ranching family from Dallas. The news is a shock and Abby is afraid in her absence her friend has become the person he always swore he wouldn’t.

As they rekindle their friendship and spend more time together, Abby and Skyler realize that there might be something more to their relationship. But the cost of pursuing it is high.

Is Skyler willing to give up everything to be with Abby?

Abigale is the third book in the series following the Carmichael siblings as they navigate through life and love on their beloved Starlight Ranch.


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