Falling Off Her Dragon


Falling off her Dragon the first time hurt like hell – but gettin’ back in the saddle just might be the death of her.

Everything was great. She had an award-winning brew, her Palomino Harras was thriving, and she was having a great hair day. Talk about having it all – Brandywine Gabbard was living her best life and lovin’ every minute of it. At least, that was her story, and she was stickin’ to it.

Who knew stopping Paulie the Pooka from absconding with the newest recipe of No More Dragon Ass Cider from Brandywine Brewery would land her and her Mate – who shall remain nameless – in Purgatory? Who knew Pookas were the booze delivery men of the Underworld? Who woulda thought the Copacabana was the hoppin’ place to party in Hades?

Now, all the beer-guzzling bad guys are out for blood, she has to work with the man who broke her heart, and some gorgeous chick dressed in vintage Chanel claims to be the Omnipotent Being known as Fate – but She can’t help a sister out because that would be breaking the rules. Some days, it just doesn’t pay to get out of bed.



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