A Class of Conjuring

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Her magic is uncontrollable. And so are her feelings for her four classmates…

Cassandra Clarke wishes she could keep her sorcery from running wild. On a mission to take down a demon, she’s horrified when her misfired spell destroys the town’s defense against more of the incoming monsters. So, when her fed-up guild dispatches her to the Enchanted Academy, she’s eager to hone her abilities and, maybe, even cozy up to a few handsome fellow students.

Between the challenging coursework and a troublesome bad boy, she falls hard for both a brainy mage and a mysterious shifter. But beyond the gated grounds, Cassandra discovers that a power-hungry wizard is drawing near, intent on stealing magic. And with her tightly bound companions steadily growing in strength and passion, she knows they’ll soon be the enemy’s prime target.

Can Cassandra and her red-hot heroes work together to defeat a rising evil?

A Case of Conjuring is the captivating first book in the Enchanted Academy paranormal romance reverse harem series. If you like big-hearted heroines, irresistible chemistries, and mystical stories, then you’ll love Evie Wilde’s engaging tale.

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2 reviews for A Class of Conjuring

  1. Mia Harper

    I really enjoyed this book, it was fast paced, exciting and action packed, impossible to put down once started.Cassandra’s magic skills are a disaster, and after yet another mishap, she has to attend the Enchanted Academy. This was a fun and entertaining read, and I can’t wait for the rest of the series, Victoria Mei’s narration was great.

  2. Kay Spriggs

    I received this book free for an honest review

    As Cassandra’s magic goes wild again and she destroys the towns defences letting in more of the demons she was trying to kill she is sent by her guild to Enchanted Academy.
    On entering the academy she realises her infamy precedes her and most students are very wary or frightened of her.
    She slowly makes friends with 4 guys who have been tasked to protect her as they are told she will be the one to save the academy. Loved Cassandra’s attitude and the fact she keep her head up and tries not to let the other students get to her the interaction between her and the guys set to protect her starts off slowly but most admit to each other they have feelings for her. All that is except Dash who denies his feelings and his animosity towards her really upsets her but when he admits his feelings the chemistry between them heats up. As usual Victoria’s narration is perfect and when I have some credits I will be buying books 2&3.

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