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A dark, forgotten demon is freed to stride the city streets once more, taking lives as it burns through one body after another. 

Josephine Chattoway, recently sold into marriage by an absent father, is escorted by her bohemian Aunt Sylvia to meet her erstwhile suitor. Along the way, she discovers the visions which have made her doubt her sanity for so long are real. They are also the key to unlocking powerful ancient protectors which will stand between a demon and countless innocent victims.

With a plucky batch of gargoyles and a not-quite mad scientist, Josephine and Sylvia must fight for a city that doesn’t even realize its plight, knowing that if the demon finds Josephine, hell will reign on Earth.

1 review for Malum

  1. Kyle Hempel

    Stacy Bender brings the reader into an interesting world of Elizabethan mentality. There is magic hidden in this world and more than most people know. Join Josephine Chattoway in expanding your knowledge about how this world really works. You will find demons, gargoyles, science and magic abound behind every corner.

    While the setting is intriguing the characters feel flat and jumbled. Strangely enough the gargoyles are the clearest characters in the book.

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