Call of The Monsters: A Dark Reverse Haram Romance

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Just when I think things can’t get any crazier….

I found out why I can talk to animals and monsters. I met my father, and I wasn’t quite expecting his answers. But he does command several legions of demons and he’s working on getting more to help us overthrow Demeter. We’re going to need all the help we can get because I don’t have enough of Hephaestus’ powder to free every single monster in the pits from being trapped in their monster form by those collars.

My monsters, the ones I’ve gotten to know, can change back to their human form now, and they want their revenge on Demeter. They want to save their queen, Persephone. I wasn’t expecting to be brought in on this, but I’m involved now. Even Hephaestus has snuck into the Underworld to help us.

I guess all the unloved Gods and monsters are going to have to go up against a deranged Goddess with Olympus on her side. I’m not a monster or a God. I’m only half demon. But now that my father knows about me, we may have the help of Hell on our side.

I didn’t ask for this, but there’s just something about these monsters that makes me want to help them. It doesn’t hurt that they are all drop-dead gorgeous and horrible flirts. I can even overlook that Pavlina and Tryphon like to eat people.

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1 review for Call of The Monsters: A Dark Reverse Haram Romance

  1. Jen B

    “I recieved this audiobook for free from in exchange for an honest review. Without giving any spoilers I will say that I am happy with how this edition to the series started, progresssed and ended. If you are reading this review wondering if you should give it a try, I would tell you yes! This story may be about monsters, but it is not “Dark” in theme, so as long as your an adult and like PNR storylines then this one is a good fit.

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