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Book 2 of Night Roamers – NA vampire romance thriller

Books in order- Blur, Shiver, Vengeance, Illusion

2 reviews for Shiver

  1. M Phelps

    This was a thrilling continuation of the series with book 2. Loads happening and kept me invested,.. on to book 3.

  2. Jen B

    I was unsure what to think of this series when I started with the first book, but i decided I needed to keep going. I am glad I did. Normally I can enjoy stories that feature soul mate bonds and an FMC with a MMC that never cheats, that is decisive on who and what she wants. I normally dont like wishy-washy characters, but I can understand NIkki’s trouble in choosing. I can not decide who I like most, Ethan or Duncan. This addition to the series reminded me of a soap opera, there was a lot of romantic drama with a girl that can not chose between the two love interests. Now that I have stated the things I didnt like, here is what I did. The characters while wishy washy, they were interesting and kept my attention, which really is all you can ask for in book. This story would make a good short TV series because of the level of drama and mystery within the plot. I am going to start the next book and I will see if I still can not decide which team I will become a part of.

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