Wright On Time, collection 1


Wright on Time: Collection 1 includes the Wright family’s journey through Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, and South Dakota. This is a collection of the first four children’s chapter books in the Wright on Time series.

This series is about an RV-living, homeschooling (or, rather, roadschooling) family who travels the USA. Each book (four in this collection) takes the Wright family to a different state with a new and fun educational adventure, with a fun sci-fi thread throughout the series.

In Wright on Time: Arizona, Book 1 the family explores caves and learns about minerals and bats. In Wright on Time: Utah, Book 2 the family goes on a dinosaur dig. In Wright on Time: Wyoming, Book 3 the family explores various alternative energies. In Wright on Time: South Dakota, Book 4 the family goes to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and also learns about how newspapers are made.


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