When We Were Human

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They came four years ago. Invaded our planet, rounded us up, and decimated the human race. We fought back, and some even say we won, but they’re wrong. The invaders took everything from us. Our family. Our hope. Our humanity. We won the war, but there are no humans left. Only monsters who will do anything to survive. Some look human and some don’t, but they are all the same.

Eighteen-year-old Eva has spent the last year punishing herself for her sister’s death and hiding from everyone she comes into contact with, human or otherwise. With the population destroyed and Earth left in ruins, she sees little hope left for the future.

But when she crosses paths with Walker and Tara, something inside her awakens. Something she thought had died along with her entire family. In these new friends Eva sees a promise of what the future could be, as well as evidence that humanity might not be extinct after all.

When a ghost from Eva’s past makes an unexpected appearance, the group sets out on a cross-country trek that will teach Eva how to love and hope again, and will remind her what it truly means to be human.

2 reviews for When We Were Human

  1. RJ

    Kate invites us to an apocalyptic survival tale on redemption and hope. We’ve been here before, aliens invading our world, for what purpose is not clear. Seeing your friends, neighbors, and loved ones rounded up, tortured, and killed can leave you in a bad place. Grief, guilt, and revenge can twist your mind, putting you on an unfamiliar path. Eva is on this path; a young woman filled with a vengeance and little hope after seeing her younger sister taken away by the aliens, unable to stop them. Eva is discovered amid her grizzly retribution by Walker and Tara. These two young survivors are looking for Tara’s family without much luck. Eva joins them, continuing on their desperate quests. Walker and Tara are good people, seeing the misery and torment within Eva, and want to help her. Thus begins a new endeavor for Walker and Tara, not only to help in looking for Eva’s sister but guide her from her fatal course. Another excellent story with realistic, likable characters. I’m always impressed with Kate L. Mary’s talent, and her ability to draw you into the story. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

  2. Shan MC

    Good narration. She fits the characters well and her guy voice was pretty good. I’d recommend listening.

    Alien invasion story, or rather the aftermath after the invasion. The humans have “won”, but the remaining humans are still dealing with a post apocalyptic world and straggler alien types. The story is okay, but I was hoping for more actual alien action. This is mostly about self harm, and the disgusting humans that are the real problem. I didn’t connect with the main character, Eva, she shows strength on the outside, but she’s a mess on the inside. She’s too weak mentally. She makes idiotic choices too many times; she endangers herself and others repeatedly. Luckily for her, she meets Walker and Tara. They are the best thing to happen to Eva and she is pretty much the worst thing that happened to them; well, not the worst, but she doesn’t do them any favors either. I liked that they meet quickly in the story; the story gets right going, so that’s good. The romance felt weird to me; I don’t see Eva being the number one priority for Walker. It felt like it would always be Tara; plus, the Ginger stuff was weird. The action that was in the story was entertaining. The story does have some interesting elements, so I did enjoy the story. Some good danger and suspense going on. Just wanted more character growth, more actual alien action, and the ending felt like a let down. Overall, an interesting read; just not what I was expecting and wanting to get from this read.

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