Virgin Office Boy & the Security Master

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Working in the mailroom at Rigid Tech Industries was proving to be anything but a boring summer job. Handsome waspy preppie Richard Johnson the Third was of legal age, but still looked young enough to get carded at bars. He had attended Harrdon Prep School and planned to attend to Drillmore Collage in the fall. But while he had fooled around a bit in high school and had boy crushes, he had been mostly a virgin when he had started his job at Rigid Tech. In the short while he had been delivering mail and interning he had discovered this company was a hotbed of sexual hi-jinx, and he had found himself learning a lot more then he ever imagined. From the corporate executives offices to the basement mailroom the young blonde office-boy found himself on the receiving end of learning new skills, over and over again – and he was loving it. 

However, the last thing Rick Johnson the young office-boy expected was to so very soon end up in the security guards room doggie style and naked with a uniformed guard supervising a pair of hot bike messengers named Bulldog and Rover giving them commands of how to play with his taut willing body….


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