The Pleasure Prince #4


Three new princes find their way to the castle after sharing a a dream they were in wild fantasy ancient Greek orgy that started when… 

Young Jared stood frozen in wonder as the specs of enchantment danced around his dazed face, and unwittingly, he breathed them in. Instantly, his entire body began to tingle with a wonderful feeling of liveliness, well-being, and the feeling that he was one with nature. 

Jared suddenly felt his clothes were binding him. He needed to shuck them off instantly, and he had to strip off right this moment. He unfastened, unbuttoned, unzipped, and slipped off his sandals to be free and dance naked in the leafy private temple of nature. 

Jared saw the gold-horned man bring a double flute to his lips. He played a haunting melody, an enchanting tune that drifted into Jared’s little ears and caught in his thoughts, twirling them to dreamy images of beautiful naked people, dancing, and caressing each other. Jared felt compelled to dance, a slow wavy dancing that made him feel like he was a soft breeze in summer… a wondrous sensation!

He wanted to join these happy, naked people celebrating nature’s beauty and their own and each others’. The flute notes danced with him, drawing him closer and closer still. He danced closer to the fascinating horned man, who led him and who danced young Jared farther and farther into the puzzle of the maze. 

As he walked behind this pied piper, Jared saw his high bare rump with a small goat tail dancing along as the mystic phantom looked tantalizingly over his shoulder at his prey, the boy was struck by the bizarre handsomeness of this man. They locked eyes, and he realized his lean young body was aching to be pleasured by this exotic presence, who could be, might be…some kind of mythological god.


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