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A daughter of Grand Contributors. The wife of a reformer. A woman caught between worlds.

Nikia Idan was raised in the glimmering spheres of society’s elite, but she traded it all for the love of a man who wants to change the Tribari empire. Her new reality is harsher than she ever imagined it could be. When her husband’s push for reform is met with brutal violence, her worlds will collide with a force that will either break her or the system that brought her to the point of breaking.

2 reviews for Uprising

  1. Krystal

    As I started this book, I completely agreed with Grel about having kids when you can’t afford them or bringing them into a world where they will suffer. But Nikia also had a right to fight for what she wanted, and I was really uncomfortable when she kept saying it’s all for Grel. She had done all the sacrificing and I hoped Grel realized there needed to be a balance in their relationship.

    I don’t think the characters in this book were as strong as, or had as great of potential, as Brek in the novella. Honestly, I’m hoping that Brek’s story will be brought back into this world because right now I can’t figure out why it matters in the whole scheme of things right now when Uprising trod the same ground as Catalyst. I found more interest in Captain Elgin and the governor in the oil fields than I did with Nikia and Grel. Really, I hope the next book will spin off Elgin’s story.

    I still don’t think Megan Green was the right narrator for this series. Honestly, she reminds me of the narrator that did Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine, though that worked out great. Green struggles with men’s voices and differentiating between the characters. Sometimes they will sound like they have severe colds with a bunch of phlegm, other times you can’t tell who is supposed to be speaking. It even came to the point near the end of the book where Nikia’s father was talking with his lawyer and there was no differentiation between the two characters’ voices.

    By the time I finished this audiobook, which is halfway through the series, I decided that I probably would’ve enjoyed it better had I read it rather than listened to Megan Green. She’s not so bad that I would quit halfway through out of frustration and annoyance, but her work was not very enjoyable for me, especially when more and more male characters were added.

    I received a free review copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.

  2. Amanda Urbinato

    So Amazing!!!
    I just finished reading book 1 and went straight into book two. And I really enjoyed them both. Personally, I think the second one might be slightly better. But I can’t wait to start the third. I am so excited. I thought the narration was excellent too. Such great audio-books…. I think they will just keep better.

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