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Amanda Urbinato
Ouroboros Cycle a cyberpunk dystopian thriller (3 Book Series) “I sorta have mixed feelings about these books. I started out really liking them. I love the concepts of these books. It was so interesting. But the more I listened, the worse it got for me. And I'm not really sure what happened. I know that by the end of the first book, I really didn't want to read anymore. But then I would force myself to get pasted that part and it would get good again for a little. And this happened to me a few times. So now I'm not sure how I feel about these books. But I am glad that I listened to them. I also really did like the author's writing style. She has an excellent vocabulary and such a descriptive style. I wish I could write like that. This book was given to me at my request. (Thanx AudiobooksUnleased). I am providing a voluntary and honest review.”
Beyond Broken Pencils “I picked this book because I thought would be interesting. and different. And I wasn't wrong. This book was crazy! I grew up in NJ around the time of Columbine. I think I was in like 7th grade when that happened. It was the school shooting that started all school shootings. I remember how much fear happened because of it. This book brought back a lot of memories from that time. But I did really enjoy reading/listening to this. It was very well written and it did what a good book is supposed to do. It brought a bunch of memories and feeling to the surface. The narrator was awesome also. I definitely recommend it”
Empyrean Witch: Demigoddess Chronicles Book 1 “This audiobook was amazing! It was so exciting from the very beginning to the very end. I love how it kind of blended so many different aspects of fantasy into one world. And the world that J.S Malcom created is so different from others that I've read. And I alway appreciate different and originality in my fantasy. The only little problem I had was that I felt like I was missing something the whole time. Like I missed the first book in the series, even though this book says one. I think what happened was there may have been other books in a different series. And this one is a spin off, kinda, maybe. But still, the author still did an amazing job of explaining things so that I never felt lost. And the narrators als did an amazing job. This book was fantastic and I hope I can find more!”
Liberation “Amazing!!!! I LOVED book. It kind of sticks out in my memory more than the other 2 books, although I'm not sure why. Rachel Ford has some serious talent and I really hope to read more from her when this series is done. I'm really looking forward to reading book 4. Also, the narration was pretty perfect! This has been an amazing series so far”
Uprising “So Amazing!!! I just finished reading book 1 and went straight into book two. And I really enjoyed them both. Personally, I think the second one might be slightly better. But I can't wait to start the third. I am so excited. I thought the narration was excellent too. Such great audio-books.... I think they will just keep better.”
The Hanged Man’s Noose “I thoroughly enjoyed this! I'm not going to lie. This is another one of those books that I must have restarted 5 times before I got into it. Thank God I'm not a quitter, when it comes to books anyways. Once I was able to calm my thinking down a little and quiet my brain, I was able to not only get into it, but to really enjoy it. I'm so happy I decided to stay with it! I def. recommend! And the narration was really good as well. Overall, well worth the read!”
Warrant “Dark & Twisty... My FAV! I loved this book! I didn't get to read the first book in the series but that didn't matter. I didn't find myself lost at all. I wouldn't listen to this book with you kids around or anything like that. But It was a Phenomenal book. I know there might be some people out there who doesn't like this book because of the violence towards women, or because it brings them back to some horrific memory. I am a victim of....well...a lot. I lived a crazy lifestyle for a long time. But this book didn't bother me. It had a happy ending. And in real life situations, happy endings don;t always happen in the real world. This book.... Awesome!! I really hope there is another book after this one.”
Daughter of Death (Dark Provenance Series, Book 1) “Sooo Freakin Good!!! I had a really good feeling about this one. And I was right (as usual). The story was interesting and original. And I loved the narration. They both did a fabulous job! I would LOVE to listen and review the next book! Especially if its anywhere near as good as this book!”
The Scavengers “I looked at a few of the reviews before I read this book. Other people did not seem to thrilled about this book. Personally, I loved the book. The story was excellent and so was the audio. When I first heard the narrator I was a little worried myself, until I realized how PERFECTLY his voice fit the story. It was a great combination.”
Zombie Infestation (A Serena Rouge Novel Book 1) “This audio-book was awesome. I think it had me at like page 3. I love Serena's bad attitude and how she feels like shes two different people. A mother when shes around her kids and bad ass zombie hunter when she has to be. The narrator did an amazing job also. Her voice fit Serena so well. She sounded like she enjoyed reading the book. I hate narrators who read all slow and sound like even they can't stand the book. That is most definitely not the case here. I will be looking for more from this author!!”
Dangerous Passions “Wow. I am sooo happy I didn't jump the gun and write my review before I got all the way to the end. I do that every once and awhile and was going to do that here. I had something else completely planned out to write. And NONE of what I was going to say hold true any more. The ending completely surprised me! And it was soo good! I def plan on reading more from Leigh Anderson. Also, the narration was done really well! SUCH A GOOD BOOK!”
Frenzy “I really enjoyed listening to this book. The story line was really good. It wasn't all one sex scene after another and another that don't really fit into the story. Sex just for the sake of sex, while there's nothing wrong with this in real life, its not how I enjoy my audiobooks! (lol). I also LOVED the dual narration. It really helps bring the story alive. Both narrators did an excellent job in my opinion.”