Troubled Nate Thomas – Part 2


Growing up is hard to do. The infamous Troubled Nate Thomas, aka T.N.T., has seen himself the way the world sees him and it isn’t pretty. While he’s set on reinventing himself, his own teammates are sabotaging him at every turn. After all, where would the Broncos be without their dynamite? It seems the only person who was willing to give him room to be a better person is Amanda, but she’s caught up in her own drama as she reassesses her own career goals. 

United they stand, divided they fall. By reaching for each other can they weather storms of rumor, betrayal, and the return of a first love? 

The game’s not even half over, the score’s tied, and there’s a halftime show in the works that promises to blow the lid off everything. But you have to expect explosions when you’re playing with TNT.


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