Total Silence


Total fear

In the woods of North Carolina, it awaits, ready to unleash a shocking plan of revenge. Soon, the victims will understand what it is to be helpless and alone. They will wish for mercy, but there will be none. Because actions have consequences, and someone must always pay….

Total panic

For Florida psychic Mira Morales, spending the holidays at a remote farm in Asheville is a chance to spend some needed family time with her FBI fiancĂ©, Shep, and her teenaged daughter, Annie, while they try to forget the horrors of the past. She has no idea that an even greater terror is waiting out there in the dark, wooded hills surrounding them; a fear beyond the reach of her abilities. Because this time, the killer has prepared for her. And then, without warning, everything in Mira’s world goes black….

Total silence

Now, isolated and alone, held silent captive in a cunning killer’s secret lair, Mira has no way to warn the others of what is coming…of the twisted wrath of a dangerous psychopath whose work has only just begun.


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