American Trash


Reminiscent of Goodfellas, American Trash is a gritty tale of organized crime. Only in this story, it is not the Italian mafia; it is the largest crime organization in the state of Missouri.

Running their operation out of Funland – a stationary carnival outside Branson – these violent criminals are carnies by day, killers by night.

They are led by a hardened old criminal known as Reverend Sammy, who doubles as a minister, and there seems to be no stopping them. But when things go awry and bodies start piling up, who will be the last man standing?

Critic Reviews

“Rausch’s writing is like a serpent. It’s lean. It’s clever. It coils around you…and then it strikes. It’s glorious, but be warned – there is no anti-venom.” (Chris Miller, author of Dust)

“Reading Andy Rausch is like waking up with a stranger in your bed – it’ll shock the hell out of you, but it’s always one hell of a story.” (Clark Roberts, author of Led by Beasts)


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