To Russia, with Zombies


Private Michael Kolcek used to be a sergeant. But honestly, he never cared a whole lot about that sort of thing. His time as a linguist in the army is almost up, so he spends most of his days left in Germany trying to pick up frauleins at the pub. But the army has other plans for him, as it often does. The cannibal plague had spread to Russia. While there was no love lost between United States Army and the godless Communists, it was fairly close to its NATO allies. So the army put a team of specialists together to go into Russia and see what the fuss was all about. Turns out they needed a linguist, too. Kolcek was in for the duration. Some days you can’t ditch the military police. Other days, it’s harder to get out of the army. But every day, during the Russian Conflict of the Zombie War, the enemy was always bigger. Stronger. Hungrier. Well, maybe not hungrier. Kolcek didn’t eat before the flight…


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