The War of the Worlds


This is a SoundCraft Audiobooks production – enhanced with music and sound effects – of one of the greatest science fiction stories of all time. The War of the Worlds is H. G. Wells’ classic tale of a Martian invasion of Earth that has become one of most revered and imitated novels ever created – a book that forever cemented Wells as the “Father of Science Fiction”.

Months after a series of explosions on the Martian surface, a “meteor” crashes to Earth, and an invading force emerges from an extraterrestrial cylinder.

Our nameless narrator relates the horrifying tale of the slowly dawning terror that pervades the planet as the seemingly unstoppable invading force sweeps over the globe, brushing aside the resisting human force with little effort. 

Can the human race somehow overcome the Martian hordes and regain control of their planet? Is there any force on Earth that can overcome the invaders?

The War of the Worlds stands as one of the greatest tales of the genre and a classic story from one of the leading lights of late 19th-century literature, H. G. Wells.

This unabridged version includes a brief biography of the author.


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