The Trojan Horse of Tithing


The Trojan Horse Of Tithing is a plea to Christian leaders, written from a Charismatic/Pentecostal perspective. Jonathan Brenneman exposes the inherent problems with common tithe teachings, highlighting serious issues with even so-called “grace tithing.” He demonstrates how deception starts subtly and documents the growing acceptance in mainstream Christianity of even overt teachings of salvation by tithing. Millions of people today now believe they will never even enter heaven without their tithes. No matter how much we try to dress tithe teachings up as grace, they continue to be the root of serious problems.

The arguments contained here against the modern tithe tradition are thorough, compelling, and overwhelming. The gospel is worth giving not only our money but even our lives to promote. However, modern tithe traditions have no place in this because they are not based on truth and misrepresent the way God relates to people. Rather than helping to advance the gospel, they distort it. God is calling his church to get rid of the leaven and return to a powerful and pure gospel message!

The Trojan Horse of Tithing is one of the most comprehensive overviews of multiple arguments against tithing. It also makes a compelling case as to why tithing is incompatible with the gospel and deals thoroughly with less logical but emotionally powerful objections such as “but tithing works!” We include:

  • What could have possibly convinced strong proponents of tithing such as Derek Prince to change their minds?
  • Documentation and evidence of the extent of literal “salvation by tithing” doctrine in today’s churches, and demonstration that this is the logical implication of even many of the most common so-called “grace tithing” teachings.
  • Dozens of serious logical problems with all of the common pro-tithing arguments.
  • A historical study on Melchizedeck and the related terms “El Elyon,” “Zedek,” “Salem,” “Heaven,” and “Earth.”
  • 11 commandments of God that churches regularly break for their tithe tradition.
  • 9 serious problems with using Malachi as support for Christian tithing.
  • The history of tithing.
  • Contrast between the Babylonian tithe and the Jewish tithe. Which is our modern tithe tradition based on?
  • How the modern tithe tradition violates the statutes and the basic principles of the Jewish tithe.
  • What tithing and witchcraft have in common.
  • How tithing undermines Spirit-led giving.
  • How people are stepping into supernatural giving and supernatural provision without the tithe.
  • The historical and cultural context of ministerial support in scripture.
  • Why some of the world’s most successful church planters see tithing as a hindrance to church multiplication.
  • How tithe teachings promote a poverty spirit.
  • A prophetic dream for the church.


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