The Tipsy Dating Counselor (Book 1/3)


Aren’t you tired of it yet? The whole dating charade I mean. What you think is love turns out to be lust and what you think is genuine turns out to be games. Where does the nonsense end?  

All you want is a good guy who can learn you, love you, then lay you….Is that too much to ask? Actually, that’s more under your control than you think and I’m here to help you out. Be entertained and enlightened by my sarcastic, bold, hilarious and crazy dating advice.  

Think of me as a badass best friend who lays it all on the table. Cheating, baggage, locating a misplaced clitoris, texts over talking, penis trackers, and sex moves you can practice with a blow up doll. Did I lose you there? I told you this is going to get crazy.  

But you’ve got nothing to lose and surely an unopened bottle of wine lying around the house somewhere. So pour a glass and let’s get you some results.


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