The Stagecoach Driver’s Mail Order Family (Iron Creek Brides, Book 4)

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When everything you know and believe is telling you “no”, do you have the strength to listen to the true voice of your heart? 

Far away in Iron Creek, stagecoach driver Nelson Gustavson is fighting his own loneliness and places an advert for a bride. As replies flood in, he begins to fear that he’ll have to settle for someone, or search hard to make a connection. 

That is, until he finds Bronwen’s letter, a blunt and honest reply that he feels compelled to respond to.

As Bronwen and Nelson connect through their letters, she feels his warmth radiate through his honesty, but remembering the absence of her own father, she’s hesitant to get involved with someone whose work would keep him away from home.

While she’s aware that her own work on the farm is keeping her away from her children, she begins to consider selling and takes her family to visit Nelson. Her feelings for him are strong, but she’s firm: This will be nothing more than friendship.

But for Nelson, the connection between them is worth giving up everything for, and Bronwen has made waves in his life.

Just as the future is starting to look hopeful, disaster hits Iron Creek, and Bronwen’s children could be in danger.

Will the couple ever have a chance to explore the love burning between them, or are their newly entangled lives about to meet tragedy once again?

The Stagecoach Driver’s Mail Order Family is a deep tale of love and connection. Will Nelson and Bronwen be able to give into their hearts’ desires, or is the harshness of reality about to knock them down again?

2 reviews for The Stagecoach Driver’s Mail Order Family (Iron Creek Brides, Book 4)

  1. Misty

    A great continuation in the Iron Creek series. You can read this book alone if you like.

    The well-written and complex characters are amazing. I cannot wait to revisit them in a future book in this series. I loved this interesting storyline. There are a couple of stories in the background that one hopes we’ll see in a future book.

    This is a nice, easy read that leaves you wanting more…but in a good way.

  2. Danny Harr

    This is a great book that continues in Iron Creek. Every book has been great in this series. Gina Dobbs does a great job narrating this book. She is the narrator in all the books so far in this series. Karla Gracey is an excellent writer. I received a copy of this book from audiobooks unleashed but that had no influence on my review.

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