The Protector

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A brand new paranormal hot and steamy romance by international best seller Lexy Timms. 

Constance can track a killer, but is there a killer locked up inside of her? 

Constance is a psychic who only gets visions about murder. She teams up with tough homicide detective Jack. For three years, they track and catch serial killers until, unexpectedly one day, Constance starts to remember a past that just cannot be. 

When one sexually explosive night happens between her and Jack, Constance realizes the visions of the past have to be true. Neither of are what they seem to be and a world of shifters opens before her eyes. 

Only Jack knows the truth of Constance’s past. He also knows how dangerous it can be. He’s been waiting a very long time for her and won’t risk losing her all over again. But at what cost? 

Can their turbulent past destroy them both? 

1 review for The Protector

  1. Jerry Harkey

    Constance and Jack are known by many names over the centuries. Their long past is mostly forgotten by Constance, who’s memory has been wiped several times. All this leads to a Love/Hate relationship of misunderstandings, regrets and terrors. The moods of the characters fluctuate between super hot sex and bloody battles, repeat and repeat.

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