The Pleasure Princes Collection


Audiobooks 1-5…

This is the complete collection of the Pleasure Princes stories of M/M erotic fantasy romance…

Imagine a far away mountain castle filled with the world’s most beautiful men who gratify your every wish and their own… Perhaps it is not just a fantasy but hidden from all but the richest, most exclusive, most discreet membership… Arron, a young reporter, discovers clues that this might be a reality as he interviews the rich and famous…and sleeps with them…

Within the palace, you might meet:


  • Dolf: 34, who runs the castle, a darkly attractive Danish giant (and occasional werewolf) trainer of princes. 
  • Winters the butler: silver-haired aristocratic, handsome, likes to test and taste the boys.
  • Garth: 22, American, wavy pre-Raphaelite blond, lean swimmer’s body and charming smile – Dungeons and Dragons fanboy.
  • Rob: 23, short brown hair, ivory skin, compact wrestler, English, artistically inclined and sexually, thinks he’s straight (at first) no matter who is pleasuring him.
  • Jarad: 19, youngest British lad, romantic, servile, loving, and lovable, wants to please. (Nickname = the Boot Boy)
  • Arron: the cute young reporter, ready to do anything to get his story. 
  • Shadow King – Dionysus: master of the fantasy enterprise, eternally handsome and always lusty. 
  • The God PAN: maze master, his magical flute enflames desire in everyone.
  • And many other characters…


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