The NightShade Forensic Files: The Atlas Defect

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As Agents Heath and Eames uncover the truth, a decades-old scandal comes to light. Even now, some are willing to kill to keep their secrets hidden.

Eleri wanted a different kind of case. She should have been careful what she wished for. 

When an odd human skeleton in Michigan’s Manistee-Huron National Forest triggers a NightShade investigation, Eleri and Donovan arrive to find it missing. But two other skeletons are a little too easily uncovered – each displays different anomalies that raise alarming questions. 

The bones aren’t from the area or probably even the continent. A decades-old abandoned building doesn’t register on satellite images. Files detailing genetic experiments on children are even more disturbing, and most of the children are unaccounted for. 

Who were the test subjects and where are the bodies? Eleri and Donovan believe there are others out there who haven’t died yet. But they will, if something isn’t done. Fast. 

If the case itself wasn’t enough of a problem, someone is watching. Someone with a particular interest in Donovan’s own skeletal anomalies….

1 review for The NightShade Forensic Files: The Atlas Defect

  1. Darc Librarian

    Another brilliant action packed entry in the Nightshade series featuring our heroes, new friendships, despicable villains and even some light romance.
    Eleri and Donovan along with Walter are in fine form as they hunt for the truth about horrendous experiments carried out on children years ago. As they search for answers among all the secrets and lies we also gain more insight into Donovan and how he may have come by his abilities.

    I thoroughly recommend this thriller for fans of P.W Child et al and look forward to listening to the rest of the series.

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