The House of the Sphinx

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The books in this series stand alone.

Archaeologist Lisa Donahue and her physician husband James Barber hope their delayed honeymoon in Egypt will be a peaceful trip in an exotic setting. Instead, their Nile cruise is overshadowed by rumors of a deadly disease. 

After James recognizes the symptoms of smallpox at Karnak, he is recruited as a medical officer by the Center for Disease Control.

When their cruise ship is quarantined, Lisa is separated from her husband. Terrified that James will succumb to the disease he is fighting, Lisa helps an old flame investigate a plot that could ignite the entire Middle East: infecting Western tourists with smallpox virus stolen from the former Soviet Union.

1 review for The House of the Sphinx

  1. Rosemary HUGHES

    Yes, the first part of this story really does mirror a tourist trip to Cairo and beyond.
    However, the “normal” tourists’ experience is then lost, as sinister plots to eradicate the “infidels” start to take over this tale.
    Plus, writing this review, whilst the world is in turmoil from Covid-19, the containment strategy for a virus with a known vaccine is not the same as one that has scientific research scrabbling for a cure.
    If this review makes little sense, it will, once you either read or listen to the complete story.
    Yes, I enjoyed the tale!

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