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Pregnant and running for her life, Nora flees for the sanctuary known as Morala, an all-female asylum. Instead, she finds herself on Kilton, a sanctuary for criminals running from their sentencing. Now Nora must adapt to her new home, and do so quickly before her baby arrives, and deal wit the ever-present reality that if she’s found, her fate could be worse than what she ran away from.

Grave, an ex-gladiator who fled captivity many years ago, built the sanctuary known as Kilton along with two others. Feared by all and unable to control his demons, Grave finds himself growing further away from civilization. Despite his self-isolation, anyone seeking asylum must be granted access by Grave, and when he steps out into a storm to greet their newest arrival, instead of the usual hardened criminal, he is surprised to see a purple-haired pixie at his gates.

Not knowing what Nora runs from, Grave grants her the asylum she seeks, but something about this pixie is different from anyone he has ever met. When he discovers the secret Nora hides behind her clothes, will Grave push her away like he has everyone else, or will he fight her battles and his own to find happiness?

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  1. JoAnn Thompson

    Awesome Story!! I totally enjoyed listening to this book. The romance between Grave and Nora was touching and the suspense and intrigue of the plot was excellent. The science fiction aspect of the story line with a medieval twist was intriguing. I’m totally looking forward to listening to the next book in the series. The narrator does an excellent job in bringing the story to life.

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