The House of Fire


He was just a crumb, little more than a slave to the nobles that rule over Vail. He was never meant to be chosen at the Affinity Ceremony, much less have the fate of the world placed on his shoulders.

Ward is a crumb who has a particular skill for tracking and dealing with animals. He never knew why. He just always felt at home in the forest, away from the bustle of Alcorn. This was partly because he loved to track and trap wild game, and partly because it meant he wouldn’t be harassed and beaten by the noble born kids his age. When Ward is chosen at the Affinity Ceremony, his life is flipped upside down as he discovers hidden power within himself that has always been reserved for the noble class. This sends him to The House of Fire where he is pushed to limits he never thought possible and discovers troubling truths about the world and his families hidden past…

A Coming of Age Fantasy set in Illeria (the world of The House of Fire)

Will Ward be able to survive the grueling training at The House of Fire while also combatting the stereotypes against crumbs, or will he fail and watch the world crumble around him?


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