Dungeon World: A Dungeon Core Experience

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In a distant world five times the size of planet Earth, dungeons and their dungeon cores have become the top of the food chain.

Millions of dungeons inhabit the planet, utilizing the various human kingdoms as a source of much-needed mana to facilitate their own growth; in turn, the humans delve into the dungeons and acquire their own power in the form of essence, which allows them to develop and enhance themselves in a multitude of different ways.

It is a symbiotic relationship that has lasted centuries and has brought about a measure of peace.

Far in the Northern wilds where no humans (and therefore – no dungeons) regularly frequent, a young man is left alone when his parents are murdered suddenly and unexpectedly.

Now, without friends, family, or even supplies, he embarks on a journey to find out who targeted his parents – and upon whom he needs to enact his revenge.

Along the way, he discovers something about himself that his parents said was impossible from the moment he was born.

Will he learn to control the new powers he has gained, or will his newly awakened dungeon core abilities consume him?

Contains LitRPG elements such as statistics and leveling. No harems and no profanity.

4 reviews for Dungeon World: A Dungeon Core Experience

  1. David S

    Interesting to look at the world from the side of a sentient dungeon. This book is well written and the narration is great!

  2. Phillip

    I received a free review copy from Audiobooks Unleashed and am leaving a voluntary review.

    I enjoyed the book. The story follows Fred, who is a dungeon core but in human form because his parents were fire and water cores. He travels from the family dungeon to investigate two murders and begins learning more about humans, dungeons, delving and himself.

    I enjoyed the combat, leveling, and learning. It is an interesting and unique twist on the dungeon core sub genre. The story is engaging and I look forward to book 2 and seeing how the story continues. He makes friends, including the possible beginnings of a romantic relationship, and brings danger on at least himself. It’ll be interesting to see how those threads develop.

  3. Erik Rounds

    To start, I’ll say that I really love the world-building. The story takes place in a world where dungeon cores are the dominant form of life rather than humans. The protagonist was interesting and I found myself invested in his story. It’s worth mentioning that while this story does heavily involve dungeon cores, very little of the story actually takes place in the dungeon. That isn’t meant as a complaint, however, as the story was highly enjoyable.

    The narration by Miles Meili was well done and seemed to be a good match form this story.

    I’m interested to see where the series goes from here. I would recomend this audiobook to anyone who enjoys Dungeon Core stories or LitRPGs generally.

  4. Jacob

    I loved the interesting twist on a recently overdone category. This twist kept my interest for the first half of the book until things got interesting. The main reason I rated the story a “4” was due to the author not picking up the pace fast enough, yet skipping/fast forwarding over the parts that should have been fleshed out a bit more. If you pay attention to the author’s note at the end of the book, this is well explained.

    Book 1 and 2 were originally going to be the same book, but then Jonathan wanted the expand out the origin of the character and separated the two. After listening to book 2 I fully understand this decision, but think a focus on a few skipped parts would have made this feel like more of a complete book.

    The narrator does well, but falls into the category of 1.25 times speed for me. A common issue I’ve ran into recently with narrators taking a bit too long to tell the story. I enjoyed the premise and story well enough to quickly grab book 2 and start reading immediately. See you in book 2’s review page.

    I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

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